The Copenhagen Wheel transforms any bike into an e-bike

It has been possible for quite some time to order a conversion set somewhere on the Internet and transform your ordinary bicycle into an electric bike. But to start with, these sets require a certain level of technical skills, because they often consist of little peaces which have to be mounted on the bike. Besides the technical side, assembling these parts takes time. And when you neither have the technical skills, nor the time, what should you do? Well, then Superpedestrians Copenhagen Wheel is the perfect solution for you.

The Copenhagen Wheel was introduced on Kickstarter, back in 2014. A few years later the improved version was introduced on the global market. Although the price of the product is fairly high, around 1750 dollars, you get an all-in-one and easy to use device. All the different parts of the wheel are built into the case in the middle of the wheel. From the motor to the battery, from the wires to the bluetooth-receiver, everything is neatly hidden from the eye.

The Wheel's Specs

In the United States, the motor in the Copenhagen Wheel can support up to 350 W, which corresponds with a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. In Europe, this is limited to 250 W, corresponding to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. The range of the wheel is around 30 miles and the battery will easily survive a 1000 four-hour charges. The wheel weighs around 7,6 kilograms, which seems like quite a lot, but it won’t heavily impact the driving experience, since the wheel is mounted on the back of the bike. A great feature in the wheel becomes visible when the rider pedals backwards, which allows the wheel to break and recharge at the same time.

The wheel can be placed on almost any bicycle. While ordering, you can choose between a city- or mountainbike and the amount of gears on your bicycle. The rim size, on the other hand, can be an issue in some countries, because the wheel only fits on 26 and 29 inch bikes. Attaching the wheel is a matter of minutes, no technical skills required. Simply take off the old wheel, and attach the new one with the included spanners.

Connect Your Copenhagen Wheel

You can connect to the Copenhagen Wheel with any smartphone, just download the Superpedestrian IOS or Android app. In the app you can change the level of assistance from eco to turbo, install updates in the wheel and even lock and unlock the bike. Superpedestrian, which is located on the grounds of the MIT Institute in Cambridge, USA, delivered a great product with its Copenhagen Wheel. While the price is quite high, the wheel delivers everything one could want from any other electric bicycle. High quality, great features and a slick design, what more is there to wish for?