The future of e-mobility lies in Rothaus Hall A1

Friedrichshafen - This year’s buzz-word is ‘’E-mobility’’. It has already been zooming around for some years, of course, but in 2018 it really hits the surface. We can see E-bicycle systems becoming more and more advanced. We also see adjacent industries – such as the automotive and the aerospace segments – keeping a close eye on the e-bicycle industry. Furthermore, trade shows are adapting to ‘’E’’. For instance, Eurobike has decided to dedicate its biggest hall, Rothaus Hall A1, almost completely to E-mobility solutions. In other words: the future of mobility is located there. Because this interesting switch, Bicle will in this article elaborate more on their dedication to ‘’E’’.

Changing the date

Eurobike is one of the, if not the, biggest bicycle trade shows globally. They noticed that the market is rapidly changing. As an answer to these changes, Eurobike bike has come up with several answers. One of them was changing the date from September, to 8-10 July. And as we know, the consumer’s day has been left out. Another shift was changing their look and feel – complete with the new slogan ‘’tomorrow starts here and now’’. In order to live up to these words, Eurobike decided to dedicate the Rothaus hall A1 to e-mobility solutions. Eurobike Area Manager Stefan Reisinger explains:

 As a central point of orientation, Rothaus Hall A1 will serve as the ‘E-Mobility Solutions Hall’ with a corresponding range of products and services on more than 10,000 square meters of  exhibition space. For the first time, we are expanding our focus beyond the classic (e-)bike and upstream suppliers to the area of LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles), which occupy the new mobility segment between conventional bicycles and cars. Such product presentation also offers specialty retailers a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves intensively with the promising topic.

What can we make up out of this promising statement? For starters, the fact that Eurobike has clustered all kinds of e-mobility solutions is rather clever. Previous year, for example, these kind of solutions we much more spread across the fairgrounds, there was not one central place. This indicated that ’E’ was not yet as significant as it is today. By clustering them together, Eurobike has given acknowledgement to its importance. Besides the clustering of e-bikes, we will also see many other things. E-mobility is much more than that, and therefore, we will also see electric steps, e-motors, and even small electrical cars in hall A1.

E-molbitiy solutions

Cars? Yes, of course. Light Electrical Vehicles (LEV) as cargo cars are also part of the E-mobility sector. This is not to say that hall A1 will become an automotive hall, obviously. It merely shows what the future may hold if the industry continues to walk this path of innovation. It thus lets us see that adjacent industries are getting more and more interested in the bicycle industry, which only seems logic when looking at the current situation in which the automotive industry occurs.

’E’ is even influencing the sport cycling segment. ‘’The highly sportive sector without the 'E' is losing its relevance thanks to the motorized bike, and these market shifts are reflected by our exhibitors.’’ Reisinger states. This was such an interesting statement, that Bicle decided to dedicate a separate article to that topic, because we noticed that the industry is not yet single-minded on this – which will come out next week. However, it is inevitable that the sport-segment will be effected.

The future lies in Hall A1

What can surely be said is that e-mobility is here to stay and will develop only further! Eurobike has seen the opportunity to cluster the sector into one hall, Rothaus A1, which will be your chance to behold the future with your own eyes. Another thing you can behold with you own eyes is the Bicle Booth, also at Hall A1 - 617. Feel welcome, and don't hesitate to drop by!