The growing professional use of the e-bike

E-bikes are a great solution for people who want to get around quickly in a busy environment, in a healthy and green way.

But this does not only work on the consumer side of the story, businesses can also adjust their services to the rise of the popular electric bicycle. Especially companies that sell services that rely heavily on transportation, logistics or delivery. For those businesses, the usage of e-bikes can be a match made in heaven. Bicle listed a few of the existing success stories.

Travel support on an e-bike

ANWB is the Royal Dutch Touring Club, a travelers’ organization in the Netherlands. With 4,4 million members, it is the largest nonprofit organization in the country. Their main activities consist of the writing and publishing of test reports, offering travel support to travelers with technical issues and roadside assistance. In the past, they only used cars and motorcycles to reach their customers. But since one year, the ANWB also uses e-bikes for destinations that lay in the city center of the four biggest cities in the Netherlands. The trolley behind the bicycle is filled with a compressor to fill up flat tires, a first aid kit, a jack and a start battery.

Increase your efficiency

The package delivery business is booming. Online sales are increasing in a rapid pace and all those packages have to be delivered at the front door of the customer. Two of the major players in this industry are using e-bikes to deliver their best service.Since December last year, UPS is using an electric tricycle in the United States. The tricycle can carry loads up to 600 pounds and can still be easily manoeuvred around and navigate hills or terrains, because of the battery-powered electric motors.DHL is using electric bicycles only to travel the so called ‘last-mile’ of the distance. In some European markets, DHL’s bicycles have replaced up to 60% of inner-city vehicle routes. Besides the advantage of the decrease in carbon emissions, the ‘last-mile’ strategy gave deliverers the opportunity to stop twice as often per hour as other delivery vehicles.

Delivered fresh and hot

When a company’s core business is the delivery of food, time is of the essence. The food has to be as fresh as possible and can not be cold at the moment of delivery. That is why major food delivery companies started using e-bikes. Domino’s is one of the biggest fast food chains that deliver by bike. New-Zealand and the Netherlands are amongst the countries in which pizzas are delivered on an electric bicycle. This does not only improve the quality of the pizza at the moment of delivery, because of the shorter delivery time, but also has its advantages on corporate level. First of all electric bicycles are more sustainable than scooters or cars. Secondly, delivery staff can be hired on a younger age because they do not longer have to possess a driving license. Altogether, an easy way to save money.