Smart Bicycle Locks And The Story Behind Them

Smart bicycle locks could be considered the locks of the future. It is a keyless lock used to lower down on bicycle theft. The locks vary in size, security and safety. Some are large, heavy and impossible to carry. Some are lightweight and portable.

Types of smart bicycle locks

As mentioned, digital bike security is available in many different formats. One of the most common locks is probably the bluetooth lock. This type of lock is easily accessible using the bluetooth from your specific mobile device and a password only you know. To open the lock, you need to enter the password into an app on your mobile device. This lock automatically sends you a notification on your phone when your bike is being tampered with. There are also versions available that have siren that will go off when someone is tampering with the lock.

Other, even easier locks automatically detect you when you approach your bike and will unlock. These locks also have a bluetooth signal, or in some cases a WiFi signal that will automatically connect to your mobile devices.


Of course these smart bike locks come with a few security concerns. Although the rise of smart bike locks has increased in the past few years, it has not proven to be a foolproof way of locking your bike. Thiefs are becoming increasingly more familiar with smart bicycle locks. Some of them build devices that can mimic a bluetooth signal and try to open the smart locks this way. Although this doesn’t always work - and many locks are programmed to have a siren go off when this attempt is made - it is a valid concern. In the cases of automatic smart bike locks, the lock might not lock fast enough, giving a thief just enough time to steal the bike. Smart bicycle locks could also bring more attention to your bike. For thieves, a fancy lock could mean that the bicycle is worth more.

Users have also noticed that some of the smart bicycle locks die with no notice, even though the battery claimed to have over 200 days of charge left. Others have mentioned how the bicycle locks with a bluetooth connection do not always connect to their phone, or that it was impossible for them to open their smart bicycle lock after a long day at work, when their phone had died.

The e-bike market

E-bikes and smart bicycle locks are often combined, offered and sold together. Of course, the functionality and technology of e-bikes fits perfectly with the idea of smart bicycle locks. This trend has allowed e-bike manufacturers to expand their businesses to also include smart bicycle locks. As well as pair up two different companies to work together. This goes beyond just putting a smart bicycle lock on an e-bike. It becomes more and more common for companies to also work together on the software that is the basis of the smart bicycle lock apps, as well as building the lock around a specific type of bicycle. This way, smart bicycle locks are changing the game for e-bike manufacturers.