The weird future of e-mobility

Although the first practical electric car was developed in the 1880’s, the mainstream popularity of e-mobility solutions still is a relatively new phenomenon.

In recent years, the usage of electric bicycles, steps and skateboards has massively increased. But still, there is an unexplored area in the e-mobility industry. Because besides the standard electric mobility products, lots of innovative transportation devices are waiting to enter the market. Bicle put together the most outstanding and bizarre exemplars.


The RYNO is a one-wheeled electric vehicle, developed by Ryno Motors. The vehicle is not created for usage on streets and bike lanes, but can easily be used between pedestrians. It can pivot 360 degrees on a vertical axis and can reach speeds up to 10 miles an hour. The RYNO isn’t big, it fits where you would normally stand. Therefore this vehicle is perfect for usage in small spaces like crowded city centres or office hallways.



The Airwheel X6

The Airwheel X6 is another one-wheeled vehicle, but much smaller than the RYNO. Two platforms on both sides of the wheel to stand on, that’s all there is to it. The Airwheel can cover distances up to 27 miles and can reach a speed of 9 miles an hour. The vehicle is operated by shifting your body weight, balance is increased by a special software algorithm and a built-in gyroscope.




Traveling with a big suitcase can be clumsy and awkward, but with the Modobag this is no longer an issue. The world’s first motorized carry-on is a hybrid between a suitcase and an electric scooter. It can reach a speed of 8 miles an hour and has a range of six miles. The Modobag can be fully charged by USB in one hour and at the same time offers the opportunity to charge your phone or tablet on the go.