Tracefy: Manage Your Bicycle Fleets Via Gps And Online Dashboard

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept with seemingly limitless possibilities to put into use in daily life. Things we might not have dreamed about a decade ago. Tracefy, a young Dutch company, is integrating IoT in bicycles and other small (electronic driven) vehicles. They have developed a GPS solution, providing not only the necessary hardware, but combining it with a customer app for private consumers or an online dashboard for bike sharers and other fleet managers. Jeroen van Kester, Co-founder of Tracefy, states that ‘’Society is challenged in keeping cities livable, accessible and safe. This is our way of contributing in coping with these issues, stimulating people to choose sustainable vehicles over cars.’’

How IoT in bicycles can work for you

GPS solutions for E-bikes and scooters are rare, but not unique. By equipping E-bikes and other small electric vehicles with a GPS tracker, Tracefy unlocks several features for use:

  1. Management and maintenance of fleets. The real time location information the GPS-hardware generates, provides huge amounts of useful data. Via the online dashboard Tracefy has developed, the data of all vehicles within a fleet can be viewed and used for amongst other maintenance and billing plans. A perfect tool to effectively manage a fleet based on actual usage.
  2. Management of service levels. Delivery services use more and more e-bikes and e-scooters for their deliveries. When equipped with Tracefy’s GPS tracker, they have real-time information on the status of a specific delivery. With this insight, they can keep both customers informed and use this data for management reports on realized service levels.
  3. Theft protection and easy retrieval. Comes in handy, both for bicycle brands as an extra service for their customers as for bike-sharers. Bicycles can be digitally locked (in addition to the physical lock). Owners receive notifications if their bicycle is being moved. If stolen, retrieval is very easy using the real-time location information.
  4. Data for strategic mobility and infrastructure plans. Public services can use the (anonymous) data that 'GPS connected' vehicles generate for policy and action plans for sustainable mobility and infrastructure. Based on heat maps, they have insights on all cycle movements in a city or specific area. This information can be translated into concrete plans for improvement. Think of improvement of cycling lanes, where to realize 'smart' traffic lights, and where to enhance facilities for bicycle parking etc.

About Tracefy

Tracefy is a young Dutch company, founded in 2015. Their main goal is to contribute to social challenges like sustainable mobility, quality of the environment and security. They were selected top 10 startups in the European Startup Prize in 2018 and recently acquired an investment from UNIIQ, an innovation board for companies to enable upscaling. This enables them to add new features for their dashboard and explore possibilities for a GPS-solution in human powered bicycles. 

Want to find out more?

Want to know what the Tracefy hardware and online dashboard can do for you? Contact them for more information via They are happy to provide a demo for a limited amount of vehicles, so you can experience the advantages yourself!

Contact information Jeroen van Kester, co-founder & sales director Tracefy:
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