Trend: With A Fatbike You Are Winning In Life

Fatbikes or fat-tire bikes are off-road bikes with oversized tires designed for all weather and climate conditions. Some of these bikes could remind you of mountainbikes, but more extreme and for rougher terrains. Having a fatbike is cool and we have listed a few reasons why this form of bicycle is growing on us and have become so popular over the last decade.

According to Adam Fisher in Bicycling, the fatbikes were invented for use in snow and sand. But they are used for a variety of terrains nowadays. These bikes are a kind of offroad motors without the motor and you can plough to every type of terrain without getting of your bike. It’s a great bike for adventurous and sporty people. Builders have been experimenting with the concept of fatbikes since the 1930’s. Some types of mountain bikes resembling the modern fatbikes were present in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but Modern Fatbikes did not exist a decade ago. After the succes of the Surly Pugsley in 2005, fatbikes becan to gain wider distribution. Whereafter the bike developed quickly and risen in popularity Nicholas Carman says in a blog on the Adventure Cycling Association. This has to do with serveral things:

Steady tires

There’s nothing more irritating than having a flat tire or losing your tire pressure quickly. These problems are a thing of the past with the fatbike. The fatbike’s tires are oversized, typically 97mm or large rand 55mm or wider. The pressure of the tires has all to do with the pound-force per square inch (PSI), and finding that perfect PSI is a form of art combined with experimentation. Experimenting with the PSI will give you a great riding experience.


Talking about experimenting, with the Fatbike you can experiment what’s possible on the low end of the tire pressure. With the fatbike – in combination with the correct PSI – you can experience what means to feel like you are floating over the surface. Just like you are on a hoovercraft. Snow, mud, sand or any stones don’t form any significant diffuclties, because the low PSI will give you the feeling that riding over it, instead of through it.



That fatbikes are becoming more and more popular in Europe is shown on the map above. If we look at this graph of Europe, there are few interesting things to see. For the countries we have data off, it’s most popular in Switzerland and Sweden. Countries who have snow. It’s also popular countries with mountains or rough nature, just like Italy, Norway, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Ireland. These are countries with adventurous nature in the form of mountains or snow.

Racing & competition

The fatbike is a technological innovation that has occured in the last decades, but it has also led to new sporting disciplines in the cycling world. Because it’s easier to ride on different and difficult terrains, the competitive element is bigger as well. Not only is it a bike that can be ridden by a person on his or hers free weekend, but it’s also a sport called fatbiking. The fatbike opened comeptitive cycling for people who prefer to ride a bike in the winter or people who don’t only want to ride a bike in the summer. Over the years the amount of races has grown immense and with that growth, the fatbikers as well. An example of that is given in this article by CBC, where fatbiking on Prince Edward Island has grown a lot over the last 5 years.