Did you know.. Tripl is the environmental friendly mix between a scooter and a cargo bike

How good would it be to never be hold up by a double parked delivery van anymore? How good would it be to have your packages and groceries delivered at your doorstep without having to worry about the ecological footstep? And how good would it be to give your delivery people a vehicle that they can be proud of? Tripl does all of that. Let Bicle introduce you to this Danish, full-electric mix between a scooter and a cargo bike that has all the potential to replace the traditional delivery van from city centers around the world.

Pride and convenience

Hamburg is one of the cities where the Tripl is already being used successfully. Because of its top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, its maximum load of 200 kilograms and its compact size, the vehicle is perfect to drive around the city center. Parking on the sidewalk is not a problem, as long as pedestrians can still pass, for the Tripl legally is a scooter. Delivery people can therefore park right in front of their destination and don’t have to carry packages around. No more double parked delivery vans, and totally emission-free.

Besides these technical advantages, driving the Tripl is cool. Users of the vehicle have experienced that time after time. The unusual looks of the Tripl make people look over their shoulder when it passes. Promoting your brand in such an organic way is great, and by making employees proud to do their work, their loyalty to the company can be improved.

Challenging uncertainties

But despite the succes of the Tripl in the German city, some problems did occur along the way. First of all, the small range of the vehicles. With a maximum range of only around 144 kilometer, the logistics of the delivery industry will have to be revised. Currently, delivery vans pick up their load in big depots outside of the city, at cheap locations. With the smaller range, this becomes inefficient. Depots closer to the city centre are often really expensive, and therefore cannot be realized without the help of local governments.

And of course, the trunk of the Tripl is much smaller than the trunk of a delivery van. This makes the Tripl only suitable for smaller deliveries. But even with a combination of the traditional vans and the electric Tripl’s, the positive effect on CO2-emission is great. Hamburg will be a good test to see what the perfect balance between those two vehicles is.

Necessary innovations

Innovations like Tripl are necessary because, according to the Managing Director of DHL, 70% of all deliveries will be done emission-free in 2025. The Deutsche Post already uses approximately 6.000 electric scooters, 12.000 electric bikes and has the biggest electric car park of Germany. So when solutions have been found for the existing problems, and the Tripl has proven its logistic, environmental and innovative contribution, it is ready to bring pride to delivery people around the world.