Did you know.. Ujet introduced the new standard in scooter design?

The Ujet electric scooter is the transportation of tomorrow.  

It is estimated that by 2050 over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities and that traffic in those cities will triple. This brings massive problems in terms of transportation. Ujet calls it one of the fundamental rights of urban living: getting around. How will all those people get from A to B in such a tight space, without being a great burden for the environment? Ever since the establishment of the Luxembourg start-up in 2015, the goal was to find the solution to that problem. The Ujet electric scooter might just be that answer.

Ujet’s scooter is a first in many aspects. Let’s take the design to start with. According to the Vice President of sales and marketing, the inspiration for their electric scooter is found all around nature. Zoom in to anything that nature has to offer, and you will find incredible shapes and forms. These are used to draw this unique design. Besides the looks of the scooter, Ujet is the first company to use an orbital wheel in a serial production. The absence of spokes makes the product much safer.

Also a first is the use of CNT technology, which stands for carbon nano tubes. These tubes have a lot of advantages, for example when they are implemented in the tire. The use of CNT makes the tires conductive, so that the scooter consumes less energy than with any other tire, and even bring a better grip to the vehicle.

Ujet’s electric scooter has great technical specs as well. Customers can choose between a 45 or 90 miles range battery size, which can be fully charged in two hours by using the fast charger. This charger can be easily accessed by taking the saddle of the scooter. When using the on-board charger, the process will take approximately 4 hours. When used normally, the battery will last for over a 1000 travels.

The engine offers a performance of 5,44 hp and 90 Nm torque, and a limited maximum speed of 30 miles an hour. The scooter has a maximum load of 120 kilograms. Ujet’s scooters are manufactured in their own factory in Foetz, Luxembourg. For Ujet this is the perfect location, because the countries’ government has big plans with sustainable and innovative ideas for transportation.

The Ujet electric scooter uses smart technology and thus has all-round connectivity through an IOS or Android app and the on board computer that integrates GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This connectivity allows the user to lock and unlock the scooter remotely, receive a warning when the scooter is moved when it is locked, monitor the performance of the vehicle and check the location with the geo-locater, using augmented reality software. The scooter can even simulate the driving sound of a real scooter and has a full-HD front camera with recording technology and built-in speakers.

Ujet’s smart scooter has everything one can possibly ask for in an electric scooter. Great design, solid specs, smart connectivity while being environmental friendly. What more can you wish for?