How to overcome current urban mobility issues? Bicle provides answers

The majority of mobility is located in urban areas. All around the globe, cities are getting more crowded every day, which is causing many issues. Firstly, the majority of the traffic pollution comes from the urban areas. Moreover, urban mobility causes many logistical issues since streets are getting more and more crowded as well, causing potentially bigger safety risks. Lastly, the main part of these vehicles are still running on gasoline and with the increasing scarcity of oil, it is becoming problematic.

Urban Mobility Solutions

Often times, when people speak of vehicles, they refer to cars. Bicycles and Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), are mostly left out of the game, whilst these types of vehicles are not just part of urban mobility, they could be seen as the solution to: spatial problems, environmental issues, and safety issues.

 All about the last mile

Fortunately, there are many developments that that concern Light Elecric Vehicles and urban mobility programs that could serve as a solution to these problems. Examples of these are:

  • Bike sharing programs 
  • Smart cycling 
  • Active mobility  
  • And personal mobility

All playing a role in the last mile of the commuter's journey. These kinds of solutions already provide some answers to these big issues.

Let's keep mobility fun!

The importance of this kind of urban mobility could not be more expressed in these modern urban days. That is why at Bicle we address these topics. They concern: urban mobility solutions- and systems, LEV, EV, IoT-solutions, and latest trends regarding urban mobility. Becasue, this concerns not only us, but also the generations to come. Let's keep mobility fun!

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