Veeley Steps With European Type-Approval

Orange ventures has entered the Dutch market with Veeley - under the flag of independent oil trader Sakko Holding – as one of the first electrical steps that is in the possession of a Europeans approval.

We all know that electric mobility is much more than e-bikes. More and more vehicles are equipped with electrical motorization, and this is only growing. As we also showed on Bicle, the e-step is an ongoing trend. Already several brands are on the market, but not all of the in Europe launched brands have a European approval. As a result, many of those are not allowed on Dutch roads, for instance. Several automotive brands, that launched their own e-step brands, had to be retrieved. This is exactly what Veeley does have: a European type approval and the European safety quality mark TüV.

The big pacer

Peter Polet, General Manager of Orange Ventures, didn’t want to make that mistake so he decided to launch the Veeley only when approved by the European quality marks. Polet is well acquainted with the electric mobility market. He was the man behind the launch of the Flyer e-bikes on the Dutch market, and he was the pacer of the Prima Power Bikes in the 1990s. With those design e-bikes from Italy he was a little ahead of his time, but now he is one of the key figures for the launch of the Veeley e-step.

Oil trade 

The Veeley is a 350W e-step that is allowed to ride on the public road (25km/h), making a helmet not obligatory. Firstly, the V5 will be launched, but the V3 and the V8 are already being developed. Polet assesses that ‘’this smart e-step is the answer to parking problems and traffic jams and will change the Dutch streets forever. The Veeley is compact, light, quiet and is equipped with a display with a GPS-tracking device, music streaming and Bluetooth. Moreover, it has cruise control, a foldable saddle and is simply stunning.’’ He sees many possibilities for it: ‘’with the Veeley it’s easy to avoid parking problems and jams. You park your car outside the city center and continue by step for the last mile. People who commute by train don’t have to get on an overly crowded bus. They just take their Veeley, get on and go off. When arrived at your destination, you simply fold it and stow it away.’’


Veeley is aiming at more than just the Dutch market. They are also fully targeting Germany, France and Italy. Dealer networks are being set up as we speak. Polet is choosing consciously for his e-step to be distributed by the well-known retailers. That means that he chooses not to go with the e-commerce dealers. ‘’abroad we want to set up our own organizations, instead of working exclusively with importers or agents. We are consciously building a dealer network by ourselves. We don’t only do that abroad, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium.’’