‘’We are building on a new faith in the bicycle industry’’

Taipei (TW) – for the first time in the history of the Taipei Cycle Show the trade-fair is not held in March, but from the 31st of October until the 3rd of November. By doing that, TAITRA fulfils a long cherished wish of many exhibitors. Taipei Cycle Show has always been a trade-fair aimed at the industry’s first assembly. However, the market is changing quickly, and therefore also the bicycle industry' dynamics. That is why the Taipei Cycle Show’s date was already a debatable topic. In order to tackle that issue, TAITRA has last year conducted three market researches. The conclusion: October/November would be a better fit.

TAIPEI CYCLE PLUS | Besides the new date, TAITRA has renewed some other aspects. Especially the Taipei Cycle Plus is an interesting one. This will take place in Hall TWTC 3, nearby Taipei 101. Andrea Wu, Trade-show Manager of TAITRA states that: ‘’in this hall we want to show how the latest Internet of Things (IoT) techniques can be better applied to bicycles. We have the National University of Taiwan as a partner. They have developed a successful technique, which can be used to connect bicycles to the internet. In this hall we want to show how IoT works and how it can be applied in daily cycling life. This definitely will be a special part of the Taipei Cycle Show.’’ Moreover, says Wu ‘’in the upcoming years we want to develop all new kinds of things, that can be added to cycling. That is the principle behind Taipei Cycle Plus. This year will be the introduction, but in the following years we want to further develop this. By that time, we have enough space to add more new themes to the trade show. It will by then also become possible to cross-link with adjacent industries. Already we notice that there are techniques out there that could be applied within the cycling industry, but are not being developed by our own industry. Step-by-step we build towards a new belief and faith in the complete cycling industry. This will be the future of the Taipei Cycle Show.’’ 

SOLUTION FOR THE TAICHUNG BIKE WEEK | The dates of the Taichung Bike week (from September 26th until 28th) and the Taipei Cycle Show (from October 31st until November 03rd) are fairly close to each other. As answer to the question whether this could come unhandy, Wu says that this is mainly their customers’ choice. ‘’we respect that’’, Wu states. ‘’It’s true that there is just one month between the two shows, which could cause a problem for some manufacturers. That is why we are in discussion with the Taichung Bike Week to solve this issue. However, this can only happen when our new Hall opens in 2019.’’ So far, there haven’t been any conclusions made, but it will eventually come.

NEW TREND | When one chooses for a new date, it is practically impossible to keep everyone happy. And although some have decided to not attend this year’s Taipei Cycle show, Wu spots a new trend. ‘’This year, there are many new exhibitors from adjacent industries as the machinery and tools- industries. They will bring along heavy equipment such as big machines. Moreover, we have more fabric manufacturers that are attending this year. Because of the date change, we see that it attracts different industries who are new to us.’’

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF IoT | Due to the internet, it has become easier to do business internationally. This definitely has its effect on the trade-show's added value. For a fair as the Taipei Cycle Show, Wu does not seem to be worried. ‘’Within our industry it is important to experience the product, even on business-level. I am convinced that face-to-face discussions are still of importance to this industry. E-commerce will definitely lead to new insight and knowledge, and will lead to the changing of trade-fairs, but as long as there is a necessity to see each other, trade-show will not cease to exist. Nonetheless, they should adapt.’’ 

To the question what the Taipei Cycle Show would look like in ten years, Wu answers that ‘’it is very difficult to predict its future over such a long time. However, we do know that in the next five years the influence of IoT will definitely increase. This will not only influence e-bikes. I personally think that it will have its effect on conventional bikes as well, because IoT can be applied to every object. We will try to link these two industries together, starting with Taipei Cycle Plus. As said, we will further develop this. Therefore you will definitely see more IoT- or wireless applications added to our concept.’’