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ACE: Autonomous, Connected and Electric

In the year 2025, Kia introduces sixteen models with electric drive; hybrid, fully electric and with fuel cell. In addition, Kia uses its so called ‘ACE’ strategy to make Autonomous, Connected and Electric cars. At this point the Korean car manufacturer had two electric cars: Kia e-Soul and Kia e-Niro. Not only invests the brand in developing electric cars, also in the charging infrastructure. Together with BMW, Daimler (Mercedes), Ford and Porsche, Kia is taking part in setting up a fast-charging network throughout Europe, under the name Ionity. In the meantime, the Kia car sharing concept Wible has also started with the hybrid Niro. That concept must be rolled out in various European countries. For now it is only available in Madrid.

The Free2Move car share app has special features for electric vehicle users.

Special features

Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Vauxhall and Opel are part of manufacturer Groupe PSA. The major trends sharing, electric driving, connectivity and autonomous driving, digitalisation and customer behaviour changes will shape the future of mobility, according to PSA. However, the brand states adequate charging infrastructure and a decrease in battery costs will be required to support this shift. Peugeot expects its first EV’s in 2020, Citroën has had the C-zero in its range for years and Opel brings the Ampera-e to the table and an electric version of the Corsa is expected. Just like the electric DS3.

Groupe PSA’s ambition is to become the preferred worldwide mobility service provider by 2030.

The Free2Move application makes it easier for customers to use carsharing services: on one single application, they can view all available, nearby vehicles from various carsharing providers. Users can book their desired car, bike or scooter for immediate or later use. The app has special features for electric vehicle users. For example, the ‘Charging Pass’ feature helps to locate and unlock over 85,000 charging stations in Europe. There is also a novel route planner designed for electric cars.

This car share product Free2Move is the first operational concept of the mobility vision from the manufacturer, offered in 13 countries.

Electric alternative for cars.

Hype or stayer?

The Birò is loved and hated. This 100% electric city car calls itself the perfect alternative to a car in the city. It’s a true hype in busy city centers, because you can avoid traffic jams for example. But most of all: you are allowed to parc them everywhere, even on the sidewalk free of charge. For now, because there are municipalities that want to keep the biro off the sidewalk; Amsterdam for example. Most people describe the car as a combination between a golf cart, a handicapped car and a scooter. All annoyances aside: the car does not emit CO2 and relieves traffic pressure in cities. The city car comes with a pass system, so you can share the Birò with neighbours, friends or colleagues. It is not advisable to leave the city with it: the maximum speed is 45 km/h and the range is 100 kilometers.